Ad-Hoc Cleaning Services

For A One-Time Cleaning At An Affordable Rate

Ad-Hoc Cleaning Service

Affordability while delivering high-quality cleaning package

Similar to other cleaning packages, a one-time order service of minimum 3 hours will be provided.

No limits of space required. From small apartments to large spaces are covered under this service.

Applicable to both residential and commercial regardless of space and sizes.

We provide professional ad-hoc cleaning services from event cleaning, office cleaning to residential cleaning.

We provide professional ad-hoc cleaning service team according to client's requirements.

Our ad-hoc cleaning service team is not only professional, but consistent, reliability and eye for detail.

All cleaners are certified to conduct ad-hoc cleaning services at an effecient and effective rate. We ensure all ad-hoc cleaning service is enough to provide a clean and fresh living or working space.